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Plasma and laser cutting

Many industries use laser cutting in their processes. Although metal cutting is most commonly used, laser cutting technology is now being applied to a wide range of materials.

Laser and plasma cutting processes generate dust, fumes and various oxides that are hazardous to breathe. That’s why having a quality dust collector is paramount to personnel safety and proper operation of expensive laser equipment.

Plasma cutting, which uses a mixture of gases to cut, is a popular process for cutting stainless steel and is widely used in the manufacturing industry. Laser cutting, on the other hand, uses a focused beam of light and is recommended for applications where parts require tighter tolerances.

The particles generated during the laser cutting process form a plume of smoke consisting of very fine dust particles that can harm workers and equipment.

Because of these fumes, workplaces must comply with ventilation requirements and be equipped with appropriate filtration systems.

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