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Powder painting

Powder coatings should be handled with the utmost care.

Powder coatings are chemical compounds that are applied to a surface electrostatically, then cured with heat to form a hard coating. Powder coating is an important part of many manufacturing processes and a necessary step in some applications.

Airborne particles and dust generated in the powder coating process can be harmful and dangerous. The toxic chemical composition of powder coatings can cause fires, cause electrical problems and cause health problems such as respiratory disorders, skin irritation, eye problems and occupational asthma.

The control, containment and elimination of dust generated by powder coating processes is critical to keeping the workplace safe, clean, healthy and running smoothly and efficiently.

We manufacture a full line of filter cartridges with filter fabrics of cellulose, polyester, synthetics, treated non-woven fabrics that are suitable for most aspirations to powder coating machines.

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Consumables for aspirations to powder coating machines

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