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Industrial aspiration and filtration for your production

Here you will find effective solutions that meet environmental standards for cleanliness, filtration and dust removal, tailored entirely to your needs.

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Who are we?

We are team of experts with many years of experience and engineers, who search to build long-term partnerships and professional relationships.

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PMM SERVICES LTD was founded by a team of engineers and industry professionals with over 20 years of real world experience. The partners we work with, as well as our many years of experience in the field, give us the knowledge for effective solutions in any industrial manufacturing application.

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Our vision is to help the Bulgarian manufacturer to work in a clean environment, with efficient equipment, providing quality results. Our main priority is to optimize our customers' operations through regular service, process monitoring and offering high-tech solutions.

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Driven by the desire to constantly monitor the latest developments in technology, as well as to offer the most professional and competent solution to our customers, we have expanded our partner network with proven and established specialists and manufacturers from Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia.

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What do we offer?

We give the opportunity for alternatives,
with clarity about each plus and minus of each decision.

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High quality

We are a company with a new-generation structure and organization, relying on innovation, experience and quality, providing you with access to the highest quality consumables, machinery, equipment and technological know-how.

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Profitable solutions

The filters that we offer are of the same level and quality as those supplied by aspiration manufacturers. But they are not "loaded" in price by the margin of the brands. I.e. high quality, at a better price.

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Individual approach

Our approach is individual. We enable alternatives, offering a variety of workable solutions, but also adapted to the specific technological and economic requirements of the customer.

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Flexible offers

We are flexible to offer consumables from a world-renowned manufacturer, such as ALTAIR, Italy, as well as budget solutions, depending on the customer's requirements and the specifics in the process.

Filter cartridges, filter bags and
aspiration equipment

Standard filtration (in air conditioning and automotive) differs significantly from industrial filtration. Each technological cycle and processing produces specific dust that cannot be captured qualitatively with a universal filter. Our solutions and the consumables and machines we offer are tailored to the specifics of each industrial production process.

Our customers

The leading value for the team of PMM SERVICES Ltd. is the long-term partnership with the clients, built through satisfaction with the results achieved in our joint work.

What do they say about us?

We are not just salespeople – we aim to build long-term partnerships and professional relationships.


Marin Marinov

purchasing and logistics BUDESTNOST AD, Chirpan

"We had a technological problem with the filtration of our equipment, which PMM SERVICES Ltd solved quickly and professionally. We received competent advice, full information about our options and a recommendation for the most optimal solution for us. The consumables and equipment supplied by PMM SERVICES Ltd arrived quickly, on time. We appreciate the company's commitment after the orders we have placed. We are reassured that we can rely on professional service and up-to-date information on new developments in aspiration and filtration technology."


Plamen Gounev

Executive Director NORD AD, Devnya

"The team at PMM SERVICES Ltd assisted us in relocating and increasing the efficiency of the blasting and painting chamber. Their suggestions have led to greater efficiency as we have improved some of the blast chamber systems. A good team of professionals who understand their job!"


Apostle Drumev


"Collegiality, professionalism. With these two words I can describe our experience with PMM SERVICES LTD. The quality of the equipment and the quick response of their service allow me to be relaxed about this segment and be able to focus on other issues in the enterprise. In addition, the consumables we use from them have proven to be of exceptional quality and longer life than those we have been using."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Standard filtration (in air conditioning and automotive) differs significantly from industrial filtration. Each technological cycle and processing produces specific dust that cannot be captured qualitatively with a universal filter.

Aspiration is the suction and extraction of substances, particles, dust or gases, their separation from the general air and their retention in filters.

Industrial fume hoods, filters and filtration materials are very different from the widespread filters known in air conditioning and ventilation.

Often customers are unpleasantly surprised when they purchase a filter that subsequently fails to work for them or does not have the expected life.

Each production and process operation releases a specific dust or particulate. The properties of this powder, its chemical composition determines its behavior and impact on the environment.

For this, each operation, machine and process requires a specific separation and filtration approach as well as special materials on the filters themselves.

Each installation, machine and application emits specific dust and particles that need to be captured. Filters and equipment depend on:

  • What material is processed and separated – high carbon steel, low carbon, aluminium, minerals or material with other impurities
  • Types of paints used and specifics of coating application
  • Willingness to recycle (as is the case with powder coating)
  • Is there a danger that the dust released will ignite (as is the case with aluminium dust)
  • Working conditions and requirements for the working environment
  • Specifics of the process and the machine itself

The industrial aspiration materials we work with are imported from leading European manufacturers, meeting all European standards and norms for the collection of particulate matter in air volume or the capture rate of dry matter and organic compounds.

Choosing our range of dust collectors, extraction filters and consumables will allow you to ensure a clean production with guaranteed filtration levels and quality air purification. Industrial Aspiration.

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