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Ceiling or pre-filter for paint chambers

Ceiling type filters for fresh air

Ceiling fresh air inlet filters are designed for automotive and industrial paint booths. They are divided according to their type and filtration class into:

  • Ceiling type fresh air filters F5, M5 WB600G
  • Ceiling type fresh air filters G4 W290

WB600G, W300F and W600F class filters

WB600G, W300F and W600F class filters are composed of a fine synthetic blend with a multi-layer structure. The WB600G, like the W600F, retards the flame and is equipped with a special dust thickener, which prevents the release of dust particles in the event of vibration. In addition, the WB600G is made with special “gauze” type fabrics on the fresh air inlet side, making the filter extremely robust and thus more suitable for larger surfaces.

Filter W290

The W290 filter is a filter material made of 100% synthetic fibers that are thermally bonded. The filter media has a progressive structure. The W290 filter can be used as a pre-filter in paint rooms, low-pressure ventilation coils, window ventilation units and small air conditioners, as well as for any type of automotive and industrial paint booths, including ventilation in paint-painting lines.
Ceiling or pre-filter for paint chambers Аспирация
Ceiling or pre-filter for paint chambers Аспирация

Technical parameters:

Filter class (EN779:2012): M5 or EN779:2012): G4 (for W290 G4)
Canvas thickness: 22 mm
Colour external/internal: white/white
Weight: 380 gr/m2 or 220 gr/m2 (for W290 G4)
Maximum capture: 95 %
Maximum air flow: 0.25 m/s or 1.5 m/s (for W290 G4)
Nominal pressure drop: 22 Pa or 42 Pa (for W290 G4)
Maximum pressure drop: 450 Pa or 250 Pa (for W290 G4)
Dust collection capacity: 380 g/m² or 220 g/m² (for W290 G4)
Filter permeability: 900 m3/h/m2
Maximum operating temperature: 100 ºC
Maximum humidity: 100%
Standard pack size: 1.0 m x 20.00 m or 2.0 m x 20.00 m

We also offer delivery according to customer's dimensions

We also offer cassette filters in some of the following standard sizes:
497 x 497 x 45 mm / 597 x 597 x45 mm *

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