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Machinery and equipment

Industrial fume hoods, filters and filtration materials are very different from the widespread filters known in air conditioning and ventilation. Often customers are unpleasantly surprised when they purchase a filter that subsequently fails to work for them or does not have the expected life.

Each production and process operation releases a specific dust or particulate. The properties of this powder, its chemical composition determines its behavior and impact on the environment. For this, each operation, machine and process requires a specific separation and filtration approach as well as special materials on the filters themselves.

The industrial aspiration materials we work with are imported from leading European manufacturers, meeting all European standards and norms for the collection of particulate matter in air volume or the capture rate of dry matter and organic compounds.

Choosing our range of dust collectors, extraction filters and consumables will allow you to ensure a clean production with guaranteed filtration levels and quality air purification. Industrial Aspiration.

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