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Painting and drying chambers

Each production and process operation releases a specific dust or particulate. The properties of this powder, its chemical composition determines its behavior and impact on the environment. For this, each operation, machine and process requires a specific separation and filtration approach as well as special materials on the filters themselves.

Our company offers a wide range of painting chambers – both for wet and powder coating installations.

Industrial application cameras are tailored to the specifics of the products to be painted and the technological requirements of our customers.

We offer combined dyeing and drying chambers.

Powder painting lines

Chambers with pressure-aspiration modules

Chambers with chorizontal, vertical or cross-sectional aspirated air flow

Our mobile fume hoods are widely used in all kinds of industries.

If you would like to make an enquiry, you can do so here.

We will be happy to contact you, study your technological task and offer the best solution for your conditions.

We have our own engineering solutions and developments.

We work with our partners from Italy in the face of

Painting and drying chambers Аспирация
Painting and drying chambers Аспирация

Industries and applications


Mechanical Engineering


Wagon repair and wagon building

Ship repair and shipbuilding

Wood processing and furniture industry

Airline Industry

Transport and automotive industry


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